Debate star Ken Bone rides his popularity into a promotion for Uber’s stylish SELECT service

Ken Bone Uber
(Via Uber)

When Ken Bone slipped into his famous red sweater and into the national consciousness, he did it in style. Now, the undecided voter and presidential debate hero is riding in style, as Uber is using Bone to promote the arrival of UberSELECT in St. Louis.

Bone, whose question for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump about energy policy put a charge into last Sunday’s debate, took the first-ever UberSELECT ride in the midwest city on Wednesday.

He tweeted (to his now 217,000 followers) that the decision to use the ride-hailing service’s fancier range of cars, from brands like Audi and Lexus, proved that he had in fact “decided” on something.

Everyone wants to know if I’ve decided… and I have. uberSELECT helps you ride in style like me

— Ken Bone (@kenbone18) October 13, 2016

Uber promotes SELECT as a “smart option for a big night out without breaking the bank” and it’s available in cities around the world, from San Francisco to Dubai to Moscow. It was introduced in Seattle more than a year ago.

Bone is clearly riding the wave of internet stardom for as long as he can. He updated his Twitter profile to read, “Somewhat reluctant, undecided, cuddly internet political faceman!” And in between radio and TV interviews he’s tweeting a bit and even says a Reddit AMA is happening tonight.

Reddit AMA tonight! Details soon.

— Ken Bone (@kenbone18) October 13, 2016

Just saw this. I’m spam now! That’s the mark of a real fake celebrity.

— Ken Bone (@kenbone18) October 13, 2016

CrochetbyKT from Facebook sent me my new little buddy here! That’s so sweet!

— Ken Bone (@kenbone18) October 13, 2016

America, prepare to enter the #bonezone. My official shirt is available for 1 week. Get it at

— Ken Bone (@kenbone18) October 13, 2016